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  • White Melamine

    White Melamine Faced Chipboard 15mm   |  

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White Melamine Faced Chipboard 15mm

White Melamine Faced Chipboard 15mm

All 15 mm (5/8โ€ณ)

These are special order items:

6โ€™ x 6โ€
6โ€™ x 9โ€
6โ€™ x 12โ€
6โ€™ x 15โ€
6โ€™ x 18โ€
6โ€™ x 21โ€
6โ€™ x 24โ€
6โ€™ x 30โ€
6โ€™ x 36โ€

8โ€™ x 6โ€
8โ€™ x 9โ€
8โ€™ x 12โ€
8โ€™ x 15โ€
8โ€™ x 18โ€
8โ€™ x 21โ€
8โ€™ x 24โ€
8โ€™ x 30โ€
8โ€™ x 36โ€

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